OEM contract manufacturing of natural and herbal cosmetics, utilization of in-house herb farms and plant-derived ingredients, original cosmetics, planning, design and development

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Cosmetics OEM Contract Manufacturer

We are a contract manufacturing OEM manufacturer of original cosmetics.
I spent more than 20 years researching and cultivating it on my own herb farm.
Herbal extracts
Utilizing natural ingredients of plants and the sea
Natural cosmetics
From planning, development, design, and sales
We provide total support.

Realizing the beauty and health of our customers
Original cosmetics
Would you like to make it?

Unique herbal extracts
One original cosmetics in the world
Karuizawa's own herb field
Since 2000-

Utilization of resources in the wide area of Mt. Fuji
Since 2018

最先端 機能性化粧品
State-of-the-art functional cosmetics
Since July 1997 -

Majestic Mt. Asama (2,568m)
One of Japan's most active volcanoes with active magma
The south slope where the sun shines
In the distance, you can see mt. Yatsugatake, Mt. Tateshina, and the Northern Alps.
A total of about 700 kinds have been cultivated in-house since 15 years ago at this scenic farm
Sticking to soil making, pesticide-free and natural cultivation
Natural farming methods that value the lives of microorganisms in the soil
The herbs are fragrant, firmly rooted, and grow fresh and in the wind of the highlands.
Mt. Asama Volcano at an altitude of 2,568m
Utilization of resources and energy in a wide area

About 300 kinds of Western herbs are cultivated pesticide-free
Natural cultivation

Medicinal Herbs Utilization of Medicinal Plants

Overwhelming long-selling
15 years loved by customers
Herbal Essence
OEM Cosmetics Reference Case Study



ユーストーリー株式会社Established OEM contract manufacturing department in the company,「アサマフジ薬草美健株式会社」It was carried to be accepted.
In addition, we will make sincere efforts to create products that satisfy everyone.

Delivering and showing results Solving beauty problems and realizing dreams
As many customers as possible can reach their true "beauty"
We will work on the highest quality product development.
[OEM cosmetics development, cosmetics manufacturing consignment, functional cosmetics, natural organic cosmetics, stem cell cosmetics, herbal cosmetics, original brand cosmetics, sales up, thriving store salon creation]
自社ハーブ畑 リンク

西洋ハーブ リンク

和のハーブ リンク

Our Story  アサマフジPresident's Thoughts

Why karuizawa?
We arrived at Karuizawa at an altitude of 1,000 meters.
Over 15 years, we have spent more than 15 years improving the soil of about 5,000 tsubo of land on the southern slope of Mt. Asama, and have continued cultivation tests by cultivating a total of about 700 kinds of herbs. Highland herbs contain a lot of active ingredients, and it is now possible to grow herbs of world varieties that are not inferior to those from Germany and France.
In addition to herbal ingredients, we add deep ocean water and high-performance ingredients to enhance our efficacy, which is the foundation of our products.

A wall that cannot be exceeded by herbs alone
However, there is a wall that can not be exceeded no matter how much the performance of herbs and beauty ingredients is given. It is difficult to fight man's aging.
In the first place, fundamental factors such as spots, wrinkles, and sagging are due to a decrease in the number of cells. It is said that the number of cells on your skin decreases to 30% in your 50s compared to your 20s. No matter how effective the ingredients were supplied to this declining cell, it was difficult to achieve a dramatic effect.

Challenging new possibilities
That's when we focused on regenerative medicine technology. Specifically, it is contained in human stem cell culture components, and the number of cells itself is amplified using growth factors (growth factors) that provide amplification signals to cells.
And the conclusion of the research was that the herbs and high-function ingredients contained in our products are very compatible with human stem cell culture components.
Human stem cell culture components are easy to oxidize, and there is a disadvantage that the function retention period is short when blended with cosmetics. It is the antioxidant effect of natural herbs that solves the problem. This effect has made it possible to dramatically extend the duration of human stem cell culture components. In addition, by supplying herbs and high-performance ingredients to human stem cell culture components, the effects of these components can be fully demonstrated.
In other words, the overall yield is dramatically improved not only by fertilizing the saplings, but also by increasing the number of seedlings themselves and fertilizing the whole.
And this yield is, needless to say, anti-aging.

In search of your own "beauty"
I know the spiciness of being let go of "beauty" in some trouble.
The same will be the same for troubles caused by aging. Through our products, we will work on the highest quality product development every day so that as many customers as possible can reach their original "beauty".

Representative Director松本 正二

In this undisclosed field of natural farming, which is particular about soil making, does not use pesticides, pulls out weeds and cherishes the life of microorganisms in the soil, herbs are fragrant, firmly rooted, and growing freshly away from the wind of the plateau.

Our Manufacturing
What we were able to come up with ideas for,
Something with love
I think it has real value.

I think the important thing is experience rather than numbers.
Rather than test numbers and test results,
We aimed for the fact that the result was actually "visible"
Our cosmetics are
It is a product required by customers.
All the time we've been
Making products with customers first
The love that has been layered cannot be imitated by other companies.
"Why can we get so many results?" And
The face that surprises the customer
"We want our customers to be more pleased,
I want you to shine beautifully,
I want you to be youthful and healthy."
and exciting face of hope

Cosmetics Planning & Development OEM Manufacturing

Why don't you try your original cosmetics with us?
We develop products that realize the beauty and health of our customers.


Creating original brands
Points to decide the product image
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1.Cosmetic specifications that can solve beauty problems
Anti aging




2.How to make your dreams come true in beauty
future beauty



3.Produce and show results by function
High Quality

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Human fat-derived stem cell culture solution extract
State-of-the-art beauty ingredients

Bare skin power, moisturizing
Mist lotion, all-in-one serum,
Moisturizing high-function cream, UV care,
Base makeup, high-function oil,
Eye serum, whitening peeling, hair growth agent

Oh, my God.
Luxury Shampoo
Makeup remove, cleansing, soap,
Nyoe CARE Body Cleansing
Scalp Cleansing

4.Plant-derived functionality State-of-the-art ingredients
cosmetic ingredents

Plant power - Beautiful skin power
20We create products from the voices of customers for more than 20 years

5.Machiokoshi Specialty Products Souvenirs

Regional specialties, useful plants, hot spring water,
Spring water, food...
revitalize the local community with cosmetics that make use of

Reference Case Study (1)
Contains herbal powder as it is Solid soap
Herbal powder, herbal charcoal, Apricot seeds from Shin-state,
Formulated with Shin-state kinoki oil & hot spring water
Very popular as a souvenir


Reference Case Study (2)
Herbal supplements
Useful for beauty and health
Supplements to clean and energize the intestines


Care for the intestinal environment and beauty with W
Genki Bi Herb Maru of Beauty Food Education Supplement

6.Deliveries sales performance
[Past OEM Performance]

(1) Key items for sales up
Sales of about 3.2 billion yen reached 12 billion yen in about 5 years

(2) Gross margin:19%→ significantly increased to 38%
Major drugstore products

(3) 100g 380,000 yen cream
Many celebrities are convinced by the result with the treatment

(4) Beauty salon own brand
Commercialized own brand in more than 10 salons

(5) Doctor's Cosmetics
Collaboration products with universities and doctors are very popular

(6) A big hit with the commercialization of own brands
Nail care items from beauty salon chain stores

ico First of all, please let us know your request.

We propose products just by checking the desires that apply
Items that are not understood or decided are ok in the blank.
Here are 1-6 points under the message form.
You can check referring to the point.

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NO:0551-45-7430 10:00~17:00
We will create proposals and prototypes, and make proposals according to your wishes.

Our Future Business Plan

Research on herb cultivation and various methods of utilization
We realize your beauty and health.

Mt. Fuji Southern Alps Yatsugatake Foot of Famous Water
700Cultivation of highland herbs from 1200m to 1200m

Utilizing sediments and useful microorganisms accumulated for tens of thousands of years at the foot of Mt. Fuji

Using expedasory herbs
Experience of herb cultivation, food, clothing, and housing in nature
Get in shape with yoga, meditation and breathing exercises

100Beauty health longevity of 18 years old active
Western herbs, Japanese herbs, herbal herbs
Waho: The wisdom of folk remedies from the Jomon Yayoi period to the present and ancient times

ico Spa & Beauty Cosmetics

Asama Herb Essence

Plant power , whitening power

If there is this, the spa cal strongest 4 top

For those who want to "try spacal items" from now on, choose 4 items that you can realize many effects in one. With these four, you can take care of your skin as well as make a base. There is also a mini bottle that is convenient for travel and carrying.


24-setsu beauty

ico 蟄 Keiji (Keiichi) March 6 -

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